Blog: Vancouver Cryptocurrency Exchange

Blog: Vancouver Crypto

How Can a Crypto Exchange Help You?

A good exchange will not only facilitate trades, but also inform and assist clients with resources on how to store and use their cryptocurrency. There are many types of crypto exchanges all providing different levels of customer service and support. … Read More

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Staying Safe with Cryptocurrency

Virtual Currencies have proliferated through online trade, gaming, gambling and, for some, everyday use. Even some major retailers and utilities have started accepting cryptocurrency. Despite this, most people remain unaware … Read More

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Cryptocurrency Regulations in Canada

Cryptocurrency exchanges across Canada operate generally the same way as money services businesses. Since June of 2020 all exchanges have been required to register with FINTRAC and report transactions accordingly. … Read More

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Where to Buy Crypto in Vancouver

As a Vancouver resident, if you are looking to invest in bitcoin or cryptocurrency for the first time, one of the questions you are probably asking yourself is how and where to purchase it.  Furthermore, as a beginner, you may … Read More

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Understanding Fees on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

When buying Bitcoin, the fee is the difference between how much you paid for a specific amount of Bitcoin and how much you would have paid for that Bitcoin if it were sold to you at spot price. … Read More

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