Crypto Education Vancouver

Crypto Education

At Vancouver Cryptocurrency Exchange, we are here to teach you how to have complete control over your digital assets.

Wallet Creation & Backup

Learn how to generate your first crypto wallet and the proper way to back it up with the mnemonic phrase.

Sending & Receiving

You'll need to know how to send crypto from your wallet and as well as receive it from someone else.

Trading on Exchanges

Learn about modern crypto exchanges: deposits, withdrawals, limit and market orders, and swapping between assets. 

Protecting Your Crypto


Nothing is more important than knowing the best ways to safeguard your crypto. It's important for your own peace of mind.

Earning Interest

You can earn passive income off your crypto assets without giving up control of them. This is known as staking.

Portfolio Diversification

Bitcoin used to be the only game in town, but it is now recommended to hold multiple coins with different use cases.