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Ledger Hardware Wallets

Secure and grow your crypto assets with the world’s most popular hardware wallet.


Secure Offline Storage

Unlike hot wallets, Ledger Hardware Wallets generate and store your private keys in a permanently offline setting. They never touch the internet, creating an impossible situation for hackers. Your credentials are stored inside a strongly isolated Secure Chip, and locked by an 8 digit PIN code.

Ease of Use

Send, receive, gain interest on, and keep track of all your digital assets on a single device. Ledger Hardware Wallets are compatible with every major coin, and simply need to be connected to your phone or desktop in order to achieve the same functionality as any other crypto wallet.

Ledger Nano S Plus

The new and improved version of the world's most popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Intuitive user experience by design. Verify and confirm transactions on the built-in display. Authorize transactions, install and uninstall apps, and navigate through the device's other functions with the use of two simple buttons. Your accounts are backed up by copying a 24 word passphrase onto the recovery sheet provided. If your device is ever lost, damaged, or stolen, you can easily restore your accounts by simply entering this passphrase, only known to you, on a new Ledger device.

Ledger Nano X

Ledger's first wireless hardware wallet. Larger screen, greater storage capacity, and bluetooth enabled. No cable needed in order interac with your mobile device. Unlike the Ledger Nano S, compatible with iPhone. Store up to 100 apps at a time. Supports over 1500 different digital assets.

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